Le Petit Prince Game-Unity3D

It is a web game to promote “Scotch” brand and the animated film “Le Petit Prince”, which will premiere in October 2015.




During production I perform the following tasks: 3D re-topology (for in-game optimization), 3D modeling, Unwrap UVW, Texturing, Character-Rigging, Animation, all the visual assets import and customization into unity, set dressing  and the programming of the game-prototype(c#-Unity3D), once approved the game-concept joined me 2 talented programmers (Karel Delgado, Alejandro Jiménez) to complete the final release.

With an infinite runner gameplay style has two levels.

patit_gamep_1 patit_gamep_2patit_gamep_3 patit_gamep_4

The client provided most of the objects and the character of the girl, but due to the high number of polygons it was necessary to optimize(re-topology and texture-baking).

PetitPrince Character







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